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Ruby Prize 2013

It has been decided to hold the Ruby Prize (Newcomer Award), to recognize the efforts of New members to the Ruby community.
This "Ruby Prize" will hold meetings by the executive committee comprised of three parties, which is
Ruby Association
Nihon Ruby no Kai
Matsue city
Ruby Prize Award Winner and nominees(1-2 people) will receive an award at the RubyWorld Conference 2013, to be held in Matsue, Shimane Prefecture November 21st & 22nd.
It should be noted the winner of the Ruby Prize will also be awarded
sub-prize money of 1million yen (USD10,000).

About Ruby prize for more details see

Ruby Prize 2013 Prospectus

 The extent to which Ruby has spread is not the result of one person’s efforts, rather it is the product of the joint endeavour of all those autonomously involved since its release as an open source software in 1995.
 However, it is inevitable that global attention falls on the project’s initiator, and those who have been actively working with ruby for a long time.
 It has been decided to hold the ‘Ruby Prize’ (Newcomer Award), to recognise the efforts of new members to the Ruby community. The Ruby Prize commends individuals for their outstanding achievements within the prior two to three years.
 The prize-winners are chosen from a selection of candidates recommended by members of the specially formed Ruby Prize Group and also candidates recommended from non-Ruby Prize Group members. The award will be made at the Ruby World Conference 2013. A monetary prize will also be awarded as a supplementary prize provided by Matsue City (Ruby Prize Sponsor).
 We thank you for your continued support in the further development and growth of the Ruby Community through the Ruby Prize.

  Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto,
  Ruby Prize 2013 Executive Committee Chairperson 

Recommendation Criteria for Ruby Prize 2013
1) A basic description of those applicable for the prize is noted in the preceding prospectus.
2) This prize is open to individual candidates only. Corporate bodies and groups may not apply.
3) Individuals who have made notable contributions to the development, expansion or maintenance of Ruby implementations libraries and frameworks may apply.
4) The “new” stated in the prospectus refers ideally to within the previous two to three years.

To recommend eligible persons for the Ruby prize, please push the "Register"
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